Wednesday, August 17, 2016

An inside peek at Silicon Valley for media leaders

In recent years, I have conducted media-and-technology study tours in New York, London and Silicon Valley for high-level publishing executives. This year, the sponsor of the tours is allowing me for the first time to invite Newsosaur readers to join an intensive, five-day tour of the leading digital media and technology companies in Silicon Valley.  
The Silicon Valley Study Tour, which will take place from Oct. 17-21 in the San Francisco area, is planning to visit tech behemoths ranging from Google and Cisco to digital media leaders like Reddit and Bleacher Report. We will hear from top ad-tech companies like PubMatic and Cxense, as well as emerging social content platforms like Nuzzel and Saambaa. We’ll even visit Xerox PARC, where Steve Jobs borrowed such ideas as the graphical user interface and the mouse for the early Apple computers.  
The Silicon Valley tour is organized by the International News Media Association, a global network of news leaders. In the past, the INMA has allowed only members of the organization to attend its tours. In the interests of broadening the associations reach, this opportunity has been opened for the first time to non-members.  
The itinerary, as described more fully here, is aimed at providing media leaders with the ideas, insights and connections that will help them efficiently create compelling content, broaden audience and engagement, and, of course, generate heftier revenues and higher CPMs through digital publishing.  
The tour aims to provide practical and actionable solutions for these key issues: 
:: Building audience via enriched content and social networks.
:: Leveraging third-party platforms (like Facebook and Twitters Periscope) to build scale.  
:: Creating, sharing and monetizing video, the fastest-growing format.
:: Monetization via traditional and native ads - and more.  
::A first look at emerging technology that will shape the future. 
:: Group roundtables to network, discuss observations and share ideas. 
Once again, the agenda and registration information are here. If you have questions, email me at alan dot mutter at broadbandxxi dot com. I look forward to seeing a few Newsosaurians in October.  


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