Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Outsource the newsmakers

Reuters plans to enhance productivity by hiring 1,240 journalists in India, quadrupling the staff from the present 300. This suggests a great way to cut our strained federal, state and municipal budgets.

Since the news gatherers will be offshore, why not outsource newsmaking positions, too?

Rather than having a costly Cabinet secretary for Homeland Security in Washington, just hire a guy in India to do it. An Indian woman would work cheaper than the governor of California, eliminating the need to maintain the expensive Governor's Mansion that Arnold Schwarzenegger has shunned in favor of a luxury hotel suite. Ditto, mayors, police chiefs and school administrators.

Write your congressperson soon, before he or she is "right-sized" out of a job.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rather than having a costly Cabinet secretary for Homeland Security in Washington, just hire a guy in India to do it.
===> This is really funny.

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