Monday, March 21, 2005

Racing to out-Google Google

If you compare the way online guys and the old-media fogeys spent their day today, you can figure out all by yourself who is going to own the $1 trillion media business in a few years.

In the interests of trying to beat Google at its own game, here's what the Net set did before breakfast to build page views, ad sales and transactional revenues:

:: IAC/Interactive Corp. snagged AskJeeves for $1.9 billion to add a hefty search capability to a stable of online properties including Expedia, Hotels, Match, Ticketmaster and Lending Tree.

:: Yahoo bought the Flickr photo-sharing community to add to the Yahoo 360 blogging-community environment it launched last week. This will enable Yahoo to match rival Google's Blogger-Picasa combine and take a nip out of Friendster in the bargain.

:: AOL previewed its new Pinpoint Travel service to round out a fulsome offering of content from parent Time Warner and others.

After launching a new keyword advertising service last week for its new search engine and blogging environment, Microsoft had a well-deserved quiet day. Ditto, eBay, which started a Craig's List clone earlier this month in 50 cities around the world.

Google, who everyone else is chasing, spent the day cleansing itself of references to Agence France Presse. No word yet on whether their cafeteria still serves French fries.


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