Monday, October 16, 2006

Let him Snow

Some former White House press secretaries are worried that Tony Snow may be dangerously politicizing the office while moonlighting as a campaign fundraiser for Republican candidates. Give me a break.

West Wing lifer David Gergen, a politically ambidextrous alumnus of the Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton administrations, waxed particularly sanctimonious on Tony’s extracurricular activities.

“The principal job of the press secretary is to present information to reporters, not propaganda,” Dave told the New York Times. “If he is seen as wearing two hats, reporters as well as the public will inevitably wonder: is he speaking to us now as the traditional press secretary, or is he speaking to us as a political partisan?”

Since when is the White House press secretary anything other than spinner in chief for the commander in chief? Tony is merely taking the position to its logical next level, while shrewdly grooming himself for a lucrative and powerful future in broadcasting and/or politics.

By working overtly as a campaign fundraiser, the press secretary is exposing more clearly than ever the true political nature of the job. For voters who might have been fooled by his slightly more subtle predecessors, Tony’s campaign cameos will be beneficially enlightening.

While I may not agree with what Tony says on the hustings, I defend his right to say it.