Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good Ridd(er)ance

Congrats to the judge who booted Par Ridder, the ethically challenged publishing scion who has besmirched the good name of the struggling Minneapolis Star Tribune for the better part of a year.

When I first suggested in June that Par do the right thing and resign, I said “he has flunked most of the major tests of modern corporate stewardship.” By stubbornly sticking around to embroil the newspaper in three additional months of nasty, costly, embarrassing and distracting litigation, I would say Par at this point has flunked all the major tests of modern corporate stewardship.

Now that Judge David C. Higgs has barred Par from serving as publisher of the Strib for a year, let’s hope Par – and the investors who put him there – have the good sense to make it permanent.


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